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Photographs are available in three different sizes and offered either framed or unframed.

Larger custom sizes are also available.

All Photographs are matted unless otherwise stated.

All Photographs are printed on premium archival paper and are fade resistant. They are all originals and signed by the artist.

SIZE                                              FRAMED                       UNFRAMED

5X7   matted to 8x10                      $25.00                              $10.00

8X10  matted to 11x14                   $40.00                              $24.00

11X14  matted to 16x20                 $65.00                              $35.00

12X18 matted to 16X24                  $80.00                             $50.00

GREAT GIFT IDEAS.  Your name on a pub. Custom orders on family names.

Many pubs to choose from with either a first name or surname.

                                  ADD AN ADDITIONAL $10.00 FOR CUSTOM WORK